Empowering You Through The College Sports Recruiting Process

Why Choose SportifyU?

Choosing SportifyU means embarking on your college sports journey with expert guidance and personalized support. SportifyU stands out by offering a free profile setup, allowing athletes to showcase their talents directly to college recruiters. Athletes are paired with dedicated coaches for tailored advice, ensuring a successful navigation through the complex recruiting process. Furthermore, SportifyU connects athletes with colleges that best match their athletic abilities, academic interests, and career goals. This bespoke approach ensures that every athlete is positioned for success, both on the field and in the classroom. With SportifyU, your college sports aspirations are in knowledgeable and experienced hands.


Get Expert Counseling

We offer expert guidance in college sports recruiting, helping athletes connect with coaches and secure scholarships effectively.


Find the Right School

We assist in finding the ideal college by matching your athletic skills and interests with a suitable college sports program.


Get Exposure to Coaches

We boost athlete visibility, connecting you directly with college coaches for enhanced recruitment and scholarship opportunities.


Camps & Showcases

We guide you in selecting showcases and camps, facilitating valuable interactions and evaluations with college coaches.

Starting the Recruitment Process is Easy!

Start your recruitment journey by setting up a free profile, getting paired with a coach, and swiftly connecting with college coaches and schools tailored to your aspirations.
1. Free Profile

Create your free profile with us and start showcasing your athletic talents to college recruiters that we will connect you with.

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2. Coach Phone Call

Assigned a dedicated coach specializing in your sport for personalized advice, guiding you effectively through the college recruitment process.

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3. Get Exposure

We connect you with college sports coaches of programs that perfectly align with your skills, goals, and academic interests.

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