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Begin your path to college sports success with SportifyU. Create a free profile and showcase your athletic prowess to a network of college recruiters. Our platform is designed to highlight your unique talents, making you visible to the right coaches and programs. Learn More

Personalized Coaching: Your Pathway to Success
At SportifyU, we believe in a tailored approach. Get matched with a dedicated coach who provides personalized guidance, ensuring you navigate the college recruiting process with confidence and clarity. Our coaches are committed to your success, helping you understand the nuances of college sports recruitment. Learn More

Finding the Perfect College Match
We specialize in connecting athletes with colleges that best fit their skills, goals, and academic aspirations. Our expertise lies in understanding both your potential and the specific needs of college programs, ensuring a match that sets you up for both athletic and academic success. Learn More

Ready to Take the Leap into College Sports?
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Starting the Recruitment Process is Easy!

Start your recruitment journey by setting up a free profile, getting paired with a coach, and swiftly connecting with college coaches and schools tailored to your aspirations.
1. Free Profile

Create your free profile with us and start showcasing your athletic talents to college recruiters that we will connect you with.

2. Coach Phone Call

Assigned a dedicated coach specializing in your sport for personalized advice, guiding you effectively through the college recruitment process.

3. Get Exposure

We connect you with college sports coaches of programs that perfectly align with your skills, goals, and academic interests.

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